September | Beloveds

What a tapestry of connections our lives are! In the ceremony on 14th September, around 30 of us sat in circle and brought into heart and mind all the people in our lives (alive and departed) who are closest to us. The intention was to hold the complexity of our relationships, to allow what needed reflection some space, and to allow the hour and a half together to be what we each needed it to be. Using song, reflection and poetry we moved through expressions of gratitude, forgiveness, joy, loss, solidarity, companionship, peace, love, loneliness and more - each expression touching us in our own personal way. 

On our altar was a “message portal” - a heart shaped box which had a slit in the top, which was never going to be opened. The invitation was for those in circle, if they wished, to write any letters or messages to as many loved ones as they wished. We gave a lot of time to this ritual and the box became full of heartfelt expressions known only to their authors.

On the Sunday, the box was taken to the banks of the Thames at low tide and, with prayer, ceremonially burned to become a heart of flame, to release all the messages to the elements.