Come, come oh whoever you are...

We welcome you, whatever your degree of faith, to join our growing community of spiritual inquirers for events of fellowship, reflection and devotion. These inclusive evenings are skilfully held by a team of trained Interfaith ministers and support people exploring spirituality in an inter-denominational atmosphere. Our gatherings offer song, silence, prayerful circles, space for inner questioning, contemplation and healing; building a generous community spirit in a peaceful setting in central London. 


our gatherings

We gather on the second Friday evening of each month and are grateful to use the beautiful main hall of Notting Hill's 'Essex Unitarian Church'. We gather in a seated circle around a central altar which often honours the shifting seasons and/or our monthly ceremony theme.  Each ceremony runs for around 90 minutes with spaciousness to socialise over tea & treats afterwards. We invoke and encourage a space of authentic expression where all is welcome - openly embracing vulnerability and honouring uncertainty. These ceremonies rely on a small donation of £3 - £5 for those who can afford it, with all donations reinvested in the running of OneLight Gatherings.


sacred activism

A strong thread of our intention incorporates 'sacred activism' where we seek to embody compassion in action. From this place, we give voice to our deepest questions in a supportive environment - where daring to ask is part of a sacred holding and witnessing of each other and our world. We deeply believe that to be a vessel of love in the world we need to honour our own shadow, embody forgiveness and reconcile the difficult parts that we meet - both within and without. Our shared aspiration is that we may inspire and resource ourselves and each other to create the world our hearts believes is possible. 


in the world

Returning to nature & its rhythms can deeply reconnect us to the pulse of life. OneLight Gatherings seek to find creative and adventurous ways to be present in the world. We intend to see ceremonies come to life in new places as a response to and a celebration of the cries and the song of the earth and her people. Taking OneLight out of the building and into communities, we seek to cultivate a supportive network with projects and faiths, for example, St Ethelburga's Centre for Peace & Reconciliation, The Threshold Choir, London Gay Pride. We welcome anyone to connect with us and create shared opportunities.