About the team

Passed down through the generations of ordained OneSpirit ministers, the OneLight Gathering is a precious and powerful offering to the public and Interfaith community. A quiet refuge of kindness and reflection, this monthly space owes its thanks to a dedicated team of volunteers both past and present. We bow deeply in gratitude to those who have gone before us & rejoice in those who tenderly and fiercely hold this monthly space for us all. 


current holding team

rev. Alison chisholm trower

Alison spent over two decades devoting her time to exploring the mystical side of spirituality as a traveller, meditator, psychic-intuitive, artist, writer, and diarist. Encountering the Onespirit Interfaith Foundation in 2012 Alison then discovered a world of like-minded inquirers, and a community with whom she shares core values. She respects the differences of our individual life pathways, and our own journeys of personal and spiritual inquiry. Alison has had a broad palette of life experience, including times of hardship, and has a keen awareness of how spiritual exploration and connection can nurture overall healing, mental and physical health, and wellbeing. 

In her poetry Alison writes about perception, change, earthly experience and about connecting to an awareness of Divine Love. Alison is also a keen dancer and exuberantly explores the embodiment of Being on this physical plane in a unique physical body - how to understand, nourish and cherish that body both within and without. 

Alison has enjoyed co-leading the Onelight Gatherings since January 2016. She is overjoyed to share circle with so many people and hopes to convey a feeling of openness, welcoming and equality.

rev. amy firth

Amy is an Australian Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Counsellor & singer/songwriter based in London. Ordained with the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation in 2016, she is of service to people of all faiths and none, creating words, music & bespoke, sacred ceremony. 

Passionate about the Arts & its ability to connect us, her most recent album Watchmaker’s Daughter explores the universal themes of time, hope & love. She elaborated on this topic at London's TEDx conference, encouraging people to use timepieces as a gentle reminder to embrace small moments with gratitude. 

Amy is also deeply curious about compassion in action & spiritual leadership and is a fellow of St Ethelburga's Centre for Peace & Reconciliation, having completed their Sacred Activist leadership programme in 2017.

She is also founder of The Vulnerability Project, an online conversation around creativity and courage which shines light into the dark corners that can often chaperone a creative livelihood. 




Each OneLight Gatheirng kindly hosts the heavenly voices of the Threshold Choir.  Learn more here: www.thresholdchoir.org

"We are women with compassionate hearts and voices who aim to bring comfort and uplift the spirit with our songs. Singing in West London, we honour all spiritual paths and have no religious affiliation. We love to sing together; it gives us great joy and feels deeply healing."